Molly has an uncanny people to read people and situations with a clear eye. Her feedback and coaching is so spot on - that it encourages action like no other. Molly has such a bright, positive outlook, and it shines through every time we communicate - from phone to email to even text!
— KM
It’s hard to find people who are able to give completely selfless, authentic, uplifting coaching while still hitting the spot and not sugar coating anything. Luckily, I got to encounter Molly’s coaching style, which was not only all that I mentioned above, but also inspiring, empowering, and filled with the deep, real feedback I needed at the time. This lady is a pleasure in every way while still being firm, capable of cutting through the issues and willing to maintain the highest standards for those she works with.
— JW

Breakthrough Performance Workshop for Artists

 (of all kinds) 

Break the shell, and let out your authentic artist...

During this two-session workshop, you’ll be guided through various exercises and given tools to explore the full range of your performance capacity, hone your craft, and perform with greater ease and authenticity.


Through this workshop, you can expect to: 

  • Expand your "palette" of tools at your use for performance
  • Identify limiting beliefs that truncate the full expression of your craft
  • Bust through fears in a safe environment
  • Learn about the importance of physiology and its connection to psychology and most importantly, your voice
  • Find your "voice" and start the process of developing your "brand" as an artist
  • Learn various techniques to better embody and communicate your art
  • Improve your "stage presence"
  • Perform and get constructive feedback
  • And much more...

About Molly King: 

Molly King is the founder of the Live Your Dance brand, and a seasoned performer herself.  She grew up doing musical theater and acting in college, performing in plays annually for over 10 years, and participating in and producing her college’s student-run comedy improv group. She currently coaches her clients in business and accountability, and travels the world to speak, and to compete in west coast swing. Her first book, entitled Don’t Settle: Start Living a Life You Love, is available now.