The short story: I just left a legitimately cool job at a billion-dollar corporation, passed on an opportunity for a six-figure salary at another job, sold most of my belongings, and left my apartment in Santa Barbara, California with the ocean view…Selfie …to travel 17,700+ miles around the US on my own dime, pursuing my passions in search of a life about which I could truly be passionate.

As I traveled, I spoke with many people who were in either jobs that just "paid the bills" or ones they really didn't like...and it made me realize that I hadn't been the only one out there like that. *phew!*

BUT, what was rare to find, was that someone believed they -could- be satisfied and enjoy what they were doing. It was if that wasn't allowed, and if you were excited/inspired/passionate about your work, you were some sort of aberration.

I'm currently writing a book for those 20- and 30-somethings who are unsatisfied with their job(s), to tell them it's no longer ok to hate your job everyday, and to help them take charge and start creating true wealth by aligning with their strengths and passions.

My book will include: - Insights from 3 years working in a billion dollar corporation - The exact process I went through to take me from a very dark and hopeless state about my career trajectory, to never being happier or more excited about my "work" - Findings from my 6 months of solo travel, driving 17,700+ miles around the US - Insider interviews with top industry game-changers who've made the leap into doing work they love and are crushing it - Questionnaires to help identify where you currently are and what you ultimately want to do/create well as several tools and resources to help support you on your own career journey

The book is due out this Fall, and if you want to stay in the know, drop me a line and I'll keep you up to date.