4/26/16        Speaker at principia's public affairs conference

Selected speaker for the Public Affairs Conference at Principia College, on the topic of innovation. 


3/12/15        Darken the page PODCAST

Guest on Dave Booda's popular podcast, Darken the Page. Fall in love with journaling after this episode! Molly is an inspiring writer, coach and dancer, she talks about writing her first book, how she left the “perfect” life to pursue her passions and her life long love affair with journaling and how it inspires her book writing and her life.

2/6/15        The New Hollywood Blog (click to read)

                Featured as a guest writer: article entitled, "How I Beat Resistance"

...good work draws strong resistance. And each time we’re victorious over those limiting beliefs and the bully inside our head, we create a storage bank of demonstrations, proving that what we thought was impossible...is actually possible. And then we can exercise that anti-resistance muscle again, applying those same principles to the next area of life that seems insurmountable in order to create more art. The fact is, you’re on the path. This IS the journey.
— Molly King, excerpt


Guest on Derek Loudermilk's popular podcast, The Art of Adventure.

10/30/14      Thank God It's Monday Webinar (click to listen/watch)

With special guest: Molly King (USA). Molly left a successful corporate career to design her own career path and got others to fund her first steps in a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign!  Filmed in Amsterdam, Netherlands

11/5/2002   Letter to the Editor, CS Monitor.com (click to read)

My first "press" as a 16-year-old.