I’ve had the pleasure of working with molly during a challenging period of my life. What I have been most impressed and moved by with Molly is her ability to inspire through her authenticity. I never feel judged, but rather supported and acknowledged. Molly is above all an inspiration. Her authenticity is incredible and she always manages to have the perfect gem to say at just the right time. The way that Molly is able to perceive and interpret situations is uncanny. She truly dives deep without much fuss and gets to the root of an issue. Most importantly, she is incredibly positive and supportive. I would recommend her to anybody looking to move forward in their life, who wants to learn how to live their dream.
— Steph Young - Marketing
Molly is a kind-hearted, intelligent, enthusiastic and patient coach. At the same time though, she isn’t afraid to get raw and truly authentic in order to tell you exactly what you need to hear, no matter how harsh. Her style is very effective! I would recommend Molly to anyone seeking help with achieving their goals and a framework to stay accountable.
— CGP, Financial Advisor

Molly is so patient. There have been times she has let me talk her ear off, waits for me to finish, then asks one question that puts me in a state of ‘there was no reason for me to complain about everything I just complained about’ ... she’s that good.
— Rhonda Rabanal

Molly is amazing! She led me on a path that made me focused on accomplishing my goals. Now I feel more determined to put my dreams into reality!
— AB

Molly has an uncanny people to read people and situations with a clear eye. Her feedback and coaching is so spot on - that it encourages action like no other. Molly has such a bright, positive outlook, and it shines through every time we communicate - from phone to email to even text! :)
— KM

Molly King, what can’t I say about this AMAZING WOMAN?!? There has been plenty of times that I have found myself in serious need of coaching and BAM! Molly steps up and delivers the most real, the most passionate, and the most perfect coaching I needed during that time. She is and will always be one of the people that I would go to without any hesitation for true shifting and true life changing experiences. I love Molly with all my heart and am in an abundance of gratitude for her friendship and her continued love and support.
— Christina Hennings, Behavior Consultant

It’s hard to find people who are able to give completely selfless, authentic, uplifting coaching while still hitting the spot and not sugar coating anything. Luckily, I got to encounter Molly’s coaching style, which was not only all that I mentioned above, but also inspiring, empowering, and filled with the deep, real feedback I needed at the time. This lady is a pleasure in every way while still being firm, capable of cutting through the issues and willing to maintain the highest standards for those she works with.
At the end of it all, I always ended up feeling warm, uplifted and better off than I was before.
— JW

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