• Total Country Count (to date): 32, most recent being Australia + New Zealand in May '16
  • Total National Parks (to date): 18
  • Total Summers at Various Outdoor Summer Camps: 28 summers spread across 5 camps around the US and Canada
  • Total nights spent sleeping outdoors in a tent/cabin/car/hostel: More than 750

Collage of Adventure (1998-2015)

Collage of Adventure (1998-2015)

(*denotes a trip organized by Principia)

1986-2000: So many family road trips 4with all 5 kids in the back of a big blue van (and a small TV for Atari, and later, Sega), a trip to Europe, and some island hopping in the Caribbean 

1996: Traveled with my fourth grade class to the NASA Space Camp in Alabama for four days*

2000: Traveled the sights of the Western half of the US with 30 other 8th grade students, in a big yellow bus. Highlights included Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, and singing to Kenny Chesney's She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy obnoxiously into a hairbrush in the back of the bus. Principia's Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie were our fearless trip leaders.*

2001: Traveled with Prin to France and Spain with several other students to study art and culture*

2002: Traveled with a group of high school students to NYC for a theatre trip*
    • Sea Kayaked the coast of Maine and island hopped for camping each night, stayed on “Fog Island” whose only inhabitants were goats

2003-2005: Taught Windsurfing in the summers on Long Lake in Maine

2004: Attended the Teton Science School to study snow packs and journaling*
    • Traveled around Belize by bus with 18 other high school students, lived with locals along the way* (so much chicken and rice)

2005: Rafted and camped down the Grand Canyon for 5 days with my crazy family. No one fell in, except my Uncle Joe, who ironically fell in during our calmest waters

2006: Lived and traveled in Peru for 5 weeks: traveled the country, lived with locals, hiked the Choquequirao trek and Machu Picchu*
    • Hiked Mt. Katahdin as a counselor for 14 younger girls

2007: Lived in Spain with a local woman (studied at Universidad de Compultense) and traveled Europe solo over the course of 3 months
    • Trained for and competed in an OCB Natural Body Building Competition, Albuquerque, NM (so much chicken and broccoli)
    • Ran the 1/2 marathon in St. Louis, MO
    • Traveled and Safari’d in Africa
    • Successfully Navigated Mexico City, D.F. for two weeks

2008: Lived and studied in Barbados, ran the 1/2 marathon*
    • Dance-battled a Bajan during the Friday night Fish Fry in Barbados, ultimately gathering a crowd of 100+ people as we danced the night away
    • Ran my first full marathon in St. Louis, MO

2009: Learned to surf in Costa Rica
    • Outdoor Education Professional at 100 Elk, in Buena Vista, CO (taught canoeing, orienteering, led high ropes courses, and other outdoor recreational activities)

2012: Quit the corporate job at MOZO Shoes, traveled 6 months around the US (planned and executed a cross-country drive--17,700 miles solo--staying with over 80 friends and family along the way) in order to figure out what I really wanted to do and contribute, in order to leave a legacy of good long after I'm gone from this Earth... no big deal, I thought. 
    • Hiked Mt. Washington
    • Talked my way into renting a red Mustang at the last minute, to drive down FL’s coast for a conference, all for $20 (+ gas money and insurance)

2013: Backpacked 90 miles in 7 days on the John Muir Trail

2014: Successfully funded my Kickstarter campaign and raised $27K in 27 days
    • Danced two levels above my then-dance level, and received 1st place Advanced/All-Star couple at Midwest Westie Fest with Jeff Mumford (West Coast Swing)
    • Trained for and competed in the Classic Division at the US Open Swing Dance Championships in West Coast Swing
    • Competed in Poland for dancing
    • Published first book, an Amazon Best Seller, Don’t Settle: Start Living a Life You Love

2015: Skied at Keystone, A-Basin, Loveland Pass, Telluride, Monarch
    • Hiked and Camped Paria Canyon (gorgeous slot canyon), UT
    • Hiked Angels‘ Landing, Zion
    • Ran the Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon (16+ miles, 10K elevation change, 10:50 hrs, with a foot injury but still made it!)
    • Climbed the “Panty Wall,” Red Rocks, NV
    • Earned PADI Scuba certification and dove in Cozumel Mexico, Denver, CO (in Pouder Pond, Iowa...with an oncoming tornado, which we later evaded)
    • Climbed my first 14er, Mt. Huron, and glissaded down much of it
    • Mountain biked + white water rafted in Buena Vista, CO

2016: Skied a total of 50 days at Keystone, Vail, Breckenridge, A-Basin, Sun Valley, Loveland Pass + Monarch
    • Hut trip to the Lone Star Hut in CO: Skinned (hiking on skis) in 7 miles to a remote hut, summited New York Mountain, and skied out with all our gear the next morning
    • Organized a trip for 4 people to Australia + New Zealand for 3-4 weeks
    • Co-Planned and executed a 2-week trip to the Pacific Northwest for our 19 NLC students. We sailed in the San Juan Islands, climbed and had solos at Camp Bow-Isle, and zip lined at Whistler Resort

Other Related Skills: 

First Aid + CPR Certified: 2016 (good for 2 years)
Canoeing: Above Average
Kayaking: Average (still working on my roll)
Waterskiing: Above Average in Slalom, and the top of a 3-woman ski pyramid in a ski show in 1999 (Maine)
Can tie a bowline with one hand: Check
Mountain Biking: Proficient
Surfing: Proficient
Snow Skiing: Above Average
Archery: Average
Climbing, Rappelling + High Ropes Courses: Above Average
Fire building: Above Average
Outdoor cooking + scrounging for berries: Expert
Sailing: Above Average
Windsurfing: Above Average
West Coast Swing: Expert
Two-Step: Expert
All other partner dances: Above Average
Kitchen dancing: Professional
Piano: Above Average
Crafting abnormally large soap bubbles using only my hands: Expert
Planning and executing international and domestic travel: Expert
Packing quickly and efficiently: Expert
Taking care of my gear, so my gear will take good care of me: Expert
4 Year collegiate Athlete (Volleyball): Most Inspirational: 2004, 2008
Soccer: scholastic team play from 1996-2004
Swimming: Above Average
Crossfit-goer: 3+ years, favorite exercise - double unders
Spanish: Fluent in both writing and speaking
French: Functional in both writing and speaking


Errin Cecil-Smith: Director of PR and Culture at Shoes For Crews || 215.439.7776
Mary Ann Sprague: Head Volleyball Coach at Principia College || 618.374.5038
Traver Boehm: Former Owner of Crossfit Pacific Coast, Santa Barbara, CA || 805.708.2734

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