Some of my many hats...

producer + art director at MOZO Shoes

Over the course of my three years at MOZO, I jumped into video production, direction, and advertising, with little to no formal training. The following videos I produced and art directed as web spots, which were cut for targeted syndicated online content: 

west coast swing

Delving into West Coast Swing over the part five years has allowed me to get back into performing, which I love, and to learn and grow in a new sport that I only just found out about. It's been an amazing journey, and I wouldn't be the same without it. Below are some highlighted videos from various competitions recently. 

Errin Cecil-Smith: Director of PR and Culture at SONOS 215.439.7776 || Work
Mary Ann Sprague: Head Volleyball Coach at Principia College 618.374.5038 || Toughness
Traver Boehm: Owner of Crossfit Pacific Coast, Santa Barbara, CA 805.708.2734 || Toughness

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