What do i do?

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  • Accountability and Business Coaching: I aid my clients in creating goals, and holding them to it. We identify self-sabotaging practices, and create actionable steps to "beat the resistance," as Steven Pressfield talks about. Whether it's a side project, a "soul project," a business endeavor, I'm here to hold you accountable. How much longer do you want to be a "potential" in your life? 
  • Speaker: I work with teens, college students, and adults--on creating goals, the power of the written word (journaling and book writing), leadership, crafting a compelling vision for your life, and the impact one can have by "Living Your Dance." Contact me for more details and pricing.
  • Workshop leader: I lead workshops for groups of teens, college students, and adults in the following topics: Goal-setting, journaling/writing/book writing, "Living Your Dance" aka listening to and following your unique calling, entrepreneurship, performance art, honing your craft, etc. Contact me for more details and pricing. 
  • Dancer: I also teach beginner and intermediate level classes in hip hop, cardio, East Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing. 
  • Social Media Consultant: I run a brand diagnostic, and provide feedback and action steps for taking your brand to the next level. Contact me for more details and pricing.

Photo provided by Jil Hendershot

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to do something unique with my life. When I was 16, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to look back on my life and see it as a work of art...

And I want the same for you. To me, it really doesn't matter what line of work you are in. What matters to me is that you feel fulfilled, challenged, fully utilized, and that you're growing. That's why I wrote my first book, why I'm developing my various online programs, and it's what gets me excited in my coaching practice.

Finding the "dance" within me helped me to let go of who I thought I should be, and allowed me to be honest with myself and explore all of who I am. And while I know this will be an ongoing process for the rest of my life, it has had far-reaching affects, i.e. in my physical health, my mental health, my choice in work, my lifestyle, and even my love life. And I want you to find the equivalent of your "dance" within you. 


My mission is to encourage, support, and aid as many people as I can to come into their metaphorical "dance," that thing that lights them up, and pulls them out of bed each morning. I believe that the more "in tune" we are with our inner dance, the more we find that flow in ALL aspects of our lives, bless others, and leave a legacy of good in our wake because of it.


And last year (2014), I took my mission to the streets with a Kickstarter Project, and was able to reach thousands online with my message of Live Your Dance, via my blog, and coaching. Since then, I've published my first book, Don't Settle: Start Living A Life You Love, and I trained a west coast swing routine with my dance partner and competed in the Classic Division of the US Open Swing Dance Championships. The Live Your Dance Podcast will launch in February 2014, to further spread the message of LYD, and to celebrate those who are currently living their dance in various arenas.

Molly is a kind-hearted, intelligent, enthusiastic and patient coach. At the same time though, she isn’t afraid to get raw and truly authentic in order to tell you exactly what you need to hear, no matter how harsh. Her style is very effective! I would recommend Molly to anyone seeking help with achieving their goals and a framework to stay accountable.
— CGP, Financial Advisor

My Background

I spent several years in footwear marketing, where I worked with celebrity chefs and managed the PR, branding, marketing and online presence for MOZO Shoes, a brand of Deckers Outdoor Corporation (parent company to UGG, Teva, Sanuk, and other quality footwear brands--checkout their homepage for a look at my laughing face at the beach with my girls). And although I was progressing in the corporate world and was living by the beach, I knew that I had something entirely unique to bring to the marketplace. So I left my job in June of 2012, turned down an offer for a six-figure position at another company, and spent the next six months traveling the country to identify my unique gift(s). 
                Fast forward to 2014, where I successfully launched and funded a Kickstarter campaign to raise $27K in 27 days, in order to launch my first and second books and train in West Coast Swing for the US Open Swing Dance Championships. I now identify as an accountability coach, author, dancer and entrepreneur—on a mission to encourage others to “Live Your Dance,” in whatever form that may take. I am also developing her patent for a baby toy concept to bring to market in the next 18 months. 
                As a journaling addict since 2002, I now bring my wealth of varied experience and cumulative wisdom to both my writing and my professional coaching practice. My first book, Don’t Settle: Start Living a Life You Love, was released in October 2014 and made it to Best Seller status on Amazon.com in the Job Hunting category. And it'll be relaunched in print during the spring of 2015, with an audio version to come soon after as well.  My next book, Live Your Dance, is expected Summer/Fall of 2015. 

Live Your Dance includes: 
- Insights from 3 years working in a corporate structure
- The process she went through to take her from a very dark and hopeless state about her career trajectory, making a major shift, to a state where she's now driven and excited about her life’s "work" 
- Personal findings from her 6 months of solo travel, driving 17,700+ miles around the US
- Insights from the process of committing to and training for the US Open Swing Dance Championships, and how that same process directly relates to how to start a business, or go after the job/mission of your heart’s desire
- Insider perspectives from top industry game-changers who've made the leap into doing work they love and are crushing it
- Exercises to help identify where you currently stand and what you ultimately want to create
- Countless other tools and resources to help support you on your journey