A Poem for my Unknown Love


"A Poem to my Unknown Love" by me 

Sometimes, words float to me, and it's all I can do to scramble to catch them as fast as I can. Today this poem came out of no where, and I ran to my phone to record it as it fell from my mouth and onto the page.

On a personal note, my heart's been in healing recently--so that may be where this sprouted. But regardless, writing letters to my future husband is something I've been doing intentionally since 2010, so this will be added to them. But it's the first time I've shared one of them publicly. #treadlightlyplease #heartspace 


Oh love, oh love I wish you knew that you could be right here with me you already are, and still I know that you’re so far from me.

I know we’d gaze into the stars together in the night And you’d hold my hand, and I’d hold yours and we’d both breathe a sigh,

And let it go and feel our hearts entangled like our legs You’d hold me tight and squeeze me so, and breathe into the night.

Oh, how I wish that you’d be here and I’d be here with you. You’d kiss me like the morning sun, gently like the dew.

I know you not but you should know your heart is real to me It’s like you’re here, I feel you near, but still I want you be...

so close to me, I breathe your scent from years of miles away to see your smile, your laughing eyes, perhaps you might just stay.

Come bound with me, take both my hands, and kiss me on my cheek, I’ll look at you, and smile so true, and hear you say to me:

My dear, I’ve waited my whole life to wrap you in my arms, and here you sit, right close to me, and I can feel your heart.

If you could know the passion, aching love I have for you, perhaps you’d hurry, run, and sprint your way to hold me too.

You may be far, but I can hear you whisper in my ear: I love you so, You barely know, I want you oh so near.

Your finger swipes my lips and then you look into my eyes, I’m lost with you, the world shrinks back, and I start to realize:

This love I feel for you is one I hold within myself The closeness that I wish for me is right here upon the shelf.

I’ll take it down, grab a piece, and savor it bite by bite. This love I hold for you is one that I have deep inside.

And that’s ok, that’s great for now. I can feel it in this space. But please know that if you’d care to join me, you’re welcome in this place.

I see you, hear you, feel you, though far you still seem to me perhaps you’re nearer than I know, perhaps you’re here with me.

With arms held open and tear-streaked eyes, I’ve journeyed the ups and downs. My heart aches to share this love and to hand you my precious crown.

You’ll be my king, I trust you so, to lead me down this road called life. And hand in hand we’ll stride, our hearts in one abode.