Melting in AZ


The moment I started driving away from San Diego, on my way to Arizona today was a moment I had been looking forward to for a while now. Visiting LA and San Diego were both great, but leaving California marked the "point of no return" as it were. I knew it would be a big moment, and it was.

It was the moment when the full weight of what I was doing finally hit me. This Thursday morning, instead of being in the office sitting down to emails and a day of meetings, was the day I headed East, squinting into the bright day before me. Knowing that life would never be the same again. I breathed deeply the last few moments in California, savoring each inhale as it'd be at least six months before my return.

As anticipated as this instant was, after all the nights of prepping my things, selling my furniture, and envisioning what could come down the road, what I wasn't prepared for... was the heat.

If there ever was a place where heat was invented, I firmly believe that it would be Arizona. No contest. If I weren't so caught off guard, I probably could have been in awe of its all-consuming power. But instead I almost melted the moment I opened my car door to take this picture. Thankfully I had my A/C fixed the DAY BEFORE I left Santa Barbara by a great company, because I couldn't have been more grateful to climb back into my Igloo-on-wheels that day.

Here's the video I took at the Arizona state sign, and I think it portrays my sweltering shock adequately:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>