Pro Dancer Tashina Beckmann: How To Break Through Limiting Beliefs


How To Break through Limiting Beliefs
with Professional Dancer Tashina Beckmann

Ever since a young age, Tashina made certain to design her life in a way that would ensure she could "live her dance" every day of her life. She knew from a young age she wanted to dance professionally, and now, she and her professional teaching partner travel domestically and internationally teaching, competing and performing a style of dance called West Coast Swing.  Through this journey she has had the honor of working with many people from many walks of life, all the while learning much about herself, and what it means to continue to "live your dance", for herself and for others.  For Tashina, how she "lives her dance" is starting to transform and bloom from dancing full time to assisting others change "self-limiting" beliefs.  

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In this episode we get to dive into… 

  • How to make a long-distance dance partnership work
  • How West Coast Swing works as a social dance
  • Dance as improvisation in a moment
  • What is Psych-K? And how can we change limiting beliefs that hold us back?
  • How to use dance as a vehicle to breakthrough other weak areas in our lives
  • Is it true that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything?
  • How we’ve become “conditioned” to believe limiting labels about ourselves
  • How our parents’ attitudes can affect us in utero, and how to reprogram ourselves for success
  • How to replace limiting beliefs with self-enhancing beliefs
  • The gift of being able to “update your software”
  • Tashina’s background in dance, volunteering, and traveling the world since she was young
  • How Tashina struggled with and ultimately overcame the biggest limiting belief of her life (17:20 + 30:00)
  • How Tashina found her mission while volunteering in a prison (21:00)
  • How Tashina’s intuition has guided her from one chapter to the next in life
  • There was no “Option B” for Tashina, and where she adopted that belief (24:00)
  • How to believe in yourself + how to know that you deserve greatness
  • Why Vision + Belief combine to create what we manifest on a daily basis
  • How to get paid for doing what you love, and not feel bad about it (32:00)
  • What to do when you feel the need to switch careers (33:00)
  • Tashina’s best advice for those who want to be doing meaningful work (38:30)
  • How our views about work are shaped by our parents (for good or bad)
  • The importance of making and keeping boundaries when it comes to work (43:00)
  • Tashina’s rule for sustainable work practices (46:00)
  • The step by step process that Tashina uses to change limiting beliefs (50:00)
  • How the act of raising your standards for yourself actually helps raise others as well (57:00)
  • iPhone hacks for more conscious living (59:40)


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Where to find Tashina online: 

Instagram + Facebook @Empowered2Greatness