Don't Settle: Start Living a Life You Love

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Don't Settle: Start Living a Life You Love


A quick, inspiring, yet practical read, Don’t Settle demystifies what it takes to go after the job and the life you love. 

For the 20- and 30-somethings who find themselves dissatisfied at work, in jobs that are “fine” or which simply “pay the bills,” Author Molly King urges readers “Don’t Settle” with a career whose only highlights are weekends and vacation time. Life is too short to trade hours for dollars with the hope that things might improve in the future. 

Written in an easily digestible Q&A format, Don’t Settle settles all the questions, doubts, and fears that arise when beginning or restarting a job search, and empowers readers to boldly take charge of their career path’s trajectory and redirect their momentum into an arena where they are truly passionate and driven intrinsically to make a significant contribution. 

Don’t Settle includes all of the following and more! 

  • Insider interviews with top industry game-changers who've made the leap into doing work they love and are crushing it, including lifestyle entrepreneur and creator of the highly-acclaimed podcast, School of Greatness, Lewis Howes and New York Times Bestselling author and modern-day explorer, Chris Guillebeau

  • Quick Q&A sections to cover over 90 job search-related questions and concerns

  • The step-by-step processes Molly King designed and implemented to take her from a very dark and hopeless state about her career trajectory, to a state where she's now compelled into her life’s "work”

  • Exercises for the reader to help identify where they currently are, what they ultimately want to do/create, and how to get there

  • As well as several tools and resources to help support the reader on his or her own journey

Like many of us, Molly had her own version of a job that looked good on paper with a “comfortable” paycheck. But the position and her trajectory left her wanting more. She had glimpsed the possibility of having work that she was truly proud of and that she feel matters, getting to wake up feeling “pulled” out of bed, rather than “pushed” through the day. 

Wanting more out of her life and her career, Molly left her cookie cutter corporate world in search of something much more well suited to her unique take on this world, and boy did she find something incredible: herself. 

The hope is that Molly’s story and the tools she used to make that shift—from having a job with a good paycheck, and an OK life, to doing work that inspires—will encourage others to evaluate where they are, where they’d like to go, and to muster up the courage to move in that direction. 

Each of us is made for so much more than just going to work, paying bills, and living for the weekend or our next vacation. The perfect job or a life you love doesn’t just happen. It’s a choice and it takes courage and a lot of work. But from those who’ve undertaken the journey can tell you, from this side of the cubicle, it’s well worth the struggle.

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Molly King’s unabashed honesty and simply - yet profound - offering holds genuinely useful gems for life. I devoured this book in one sitting.
It’s the first book I’ve read electronically. Quickly the frame for the words (a computer) disappeared as I was swept up in her compelling true story.
A MUST read for anyone who is already loving the life they live or wanting to live a life they love.
Who doesn’t want that?!
— Celeste Oakland, 5 of 5 Stars
Reading this has been a refreshing slap in the face about where I am in my life and diagnosing what my heart wants. What I love most about this book is that Molly doesn’t use any unnecessary superfluous language, so her points hit quick without extra stories.
— Rhonda, 5 of 5 Stars
This book is motivational, real, moving all at the same time. Molly does an amazing job of balancing quote, proverbs and saying from Seth Godin to Jim Collins and it all works out perfectly. She summarizes her whole story and points she is making by using her own stories as well as snippets of others here and there. For example, how she puts the “Go Towards The Mountain” video - awesome!

Great Q&A sections.. she asks questions that you begin to answer; and not just generic ones, but worthy questions phrased in a smart way.

I started a business book club about 3 years ago, and have read many books. Her writing style and content is better than most - being honest here. I’d recommend this for sure.
— Shekky Shabbaz, 5 of 5 Stars
Molly has a concise, friendly approachable way to get anyone thinking about what he or she really wants! I found her story very inspiring and relatable. I recommend this book for people who have a hazy vision and need a jolt into action, and a windshield wiper to clear your thoughts and move forward towards what you really want to create!!!
— Alexis A. Carra, 5 of 5 Stars
I left a review partway through the book and want to come back now that I finished it.

Previous review:
”I haven’t finished the book yet, but have already benefited from the open and honest insights. What great motivation and food for thought, especially great for anyone seriously considering a career shift (and I’m sure for many many others).”

I certainly stand by my earlier review but now that I have read every last word, I felt it was worth coming back to...

What an extremely thoughtful and deeply personal book that will provide amazing motivation and insight for many, if not all, of its readers. Molly does a fantastic job of opening herself up in a very powerful way to share the great lessons and insights that she has learned from a lifetime of recorded self-reflections. Even in these relatively few pages, it was fun to see how she grew as a person, and how she finally decided to follow the passions and dreams that she had for many many years. Whatever her perceived success from this point forward (which I’m sure will be amazing), she clearly has already succeeded more then most do in their lifetime.

I look forward to reading each of her next books as they are published.
— Warren Popp, 5 of 5 Stars