Kickstarter Update #1!


Wow. What a whirlwind, you guys. First of all, thank you to the first 75 backers who’ve taken the time to pledge money to the project. I’m overwhelmed by the support so far and love seeing the link to the project being shared all over the place on the Facebooks.

The book itself is chugging along. Even the process of running a Kickstarter campaign has revealed much to me, and I’m documenting the entire process as a metaphor for what it takes to go “all in” in any endeavor. Throughout the upcoming 188 days until the US Open Swing Dance Championships, I’ll be documenting the process of training on my blog--drawing parallels between the training process and similar aspects in risk-taking: whether it be in starting a business, asking someone out, or going after a dream job.

Already, I’ve realized that asking for support is something that I’ve really never done in my life. So choosing to do this Kickstarter is definitely a stretch for me. For the longest time, I’ve thought (mistakenly so) that I can handle everything on my own. Maybe I’m the only one, but my hunch is that this is a lesson worth investigating for others too (psst...foreshadowing for a future blog post).

As for other updates, my dance partner and I have successfully completed the choreography for our routine (done in by one of the top legends in West Coast Swing--Mario Robau), and we’ve finished learning the first 30 seconds of our 2:30 routine. It’s amazing to see the idea of a routine finally take shape into its actual movement--and begin to visualize how it’ll look on the floor. It's so exciting, and we can’t wait to polish it up and put it out there!

Words can’t express my gratitude for your willingness to take action and be a part of my journey in this way. I sincerely appreciate it. Currently, we’re at $4,625 and there’s a $22,175 gap to close in the next two weeks. So tell your friends, tell your mom, spread the word. And please remember, every.little.bit.counts. Keep it up. You all are amazing.

Lots of love, scribbles + shimmies,