Kickstarter Update #2: 4 Days to Go!

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There’s only 4 days left to completely fund this project, and while there’s still a ways to go, I’m confident we can make this happen. And as it’s the last few days of the project, I’d love your teamwork in spreading the word far and wide.

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Life is most definitely a team sport, and I’m so honored to be able to reach out to such an incredibly supportive community to join me in changing lives with my books and with this project.

These past five days, I staffed a transformational workshop on leadership, and one idea that stuck out was this: life is a gift, and our contribution is our gift back to Life. I truly believe we each have a unique gift to give while we’re here. And this project is my gift back to you and what I hope will be part of my legacy when I’m gone.

That said, I am truly blessed to even be able to do this in the first place: to connect and join forces with people who are also passionate about creating more in their lives. There’s so much more to life when we’re truly living it, dancing it, and not just surviving it.

BONUS! As soon as it hits the $10,000 mark, I’ll be sending out a sneak peek of Chapter 1 of my first book, Don’t Settle: Start Living a Life You Love to all my Backers as a thank you and a preview of what’s to come. Get pumped!

Let's do this! Thank you all so much!