Kickstarter Update: Vision for my Project

I was recently asked what my vision for myself and my life's work is. And after thinking about it, here’s my answer... photo 2For my life's work and for those who read my book/writings, I see career breakthroughs, coming alive, getting out of the routine, spicing up life, living full out, ignoring the fear and going after what you really matter what it takes. I see people’s visions coming alive. I see laughter, music, movement--people unified and letting go of limiting beliefs about themselves and others. I see lots more dancing in public places. I see women being more comfortable in their bodies and with their partners. I see improved relationships. I see healing through dance. I see stories of people finally stepping into their “dance,” and getting lost in the love of their craft. I see people rejoicing even in the face of turmoil, because they see that it’s still a part of their “dance.”

For myself I also see blog posts (many many of them), I see several more books, I see a podcast, I see a book tour, I see speaking engagements (already have one brewing in Austin, TX!!), I see inspiring dance-talks, I see retreats, I see leading teenagers through leadership training, I see traveling abroad, I see thousands of people unified by music and movement--and the realization that we are all part of the same whole, and when one person wins, we all win. I see the ripple affect of lives lived boldly, inspiring others to do the same.

And it all starts with choosing to  Live Your Dance.


Holy cow, it's already June. How did that happen?! As you know, I've been spreading the word about my Kickstarter project, and I'm in the last few days of it now.  It's been quite the roller coaster of emotions to run this campaign over the last month, and while there's still a ways to go, I know that with the support of an incredible community, it's definitely still possible :)

I only receive the full funding if it reaches its goal of $26,800 by Friday. So to that point--I'm requesting your support today, either financially or in spreading the word about my project and my vision for the world, so this project can come to life. 

Click here to check my project out and pledge today.

Hope you're already enjoying juicy watermelons and some long summer nights!

Much love, m