Leaving St. Louis


Ever have to get something done (i.e. write a blog post and pack your car), and instead it ends up looking like this?

"Oh! A new photo on Facebook!" "Wait, I'm hungry." "I need some candy." "I think I'll take a nap first." "Ew, I stink. I'll shower before I tackle that thing I have to do." "A cup of tea would be so cozy right now." "Oh, I'll Instagram that!" "Cozy cuppa tea on a rainy afternoon. #instatea #cozy #I'm secretly procrastinating by posting this photo # # # #####" "Oh! Another new picture on Facebook! *click click click* What do their Halloween costumes look like?" "I need a Halloween costume. What should I wear?" Googling: "best homemade cheap clever and potentially yet inadvertently sexy costumes" That should do the trick. "Bingo. All I need is a trash bag, a pair of scissors and some duct tape. Classy." "I still want an apple." "Maybe I'll just check to see if there's anything new on YouTube in the last four minutes." 4 hours later... 

What was it I was supposed to be doing?

Oh. Blogging. Right. Well, tonight's my last night in St. Louis before I start my last 1,500(+) miles back to where I started in California. And I promised myself I'd write more on this last leg of the trip. Because, let's be honest, I haven't done such a great job of keeping my blog going these past few months.But that's going to change! Why? Because today is a new day!! (Or actually, it's still night. But it's going to be a new day at some point soon.) And that means that this whole, "I'm too scared to write, and edit, and post a blog post" thing is going to stop right now. Who says I even have to edit this? It's my blog anyway. Stop making it so difficult in your head, Molly, and let's get down to business:
So here's the rundown. I've been in St. Louis since mid-September, with a quick two-week stint in FL for a friend's wedding in Jacksonville and to volunteer at a Tony Robbins seminar in Miami. Both great events. While in St. Louis, though, I've been able to see old friends, family, and compete in yet another West Coast Swing competition here in town. OH! and the whole reason why I stuck around for this long, was for him:

This lil guy!! We were expecting him to come mid-October, but he wanted to hang with his mom a bit longer before joining us in the world outside the womb. I don't blame him. But he timed it right, and made it just in time for Halloween with all the fun that entailed. Good work, my man!

There are quite a few entertaining stories that have transpired in the past few weeks, but I'll save that for another post. Another time. Another day.

Tomorrow I head to Kansas City, then off to Colorado and the Rockies! Bring on the snow.