Live Your Dance Episode 1: Making Dreams a Reality with Pro Volleyball Player Christina Speer


In this episode you will learn...

  • How a two-week trip to Europe turned into 5 years of professional volleyball playing
  • How she became a triple major in college
  • The importance (and benefits) of taking your eduction into your own hands
  • What it’s like to take a BIG leap (knowing no one, diving into a new culture, not speaking the language), and how she made it happen
  • How she sustains a professional athletic career and a high level of excellence in her craft daily
  • How she overcomes her own doubts and limits
  • How in one summer, her team went bankrupt, restructured, and gathered resources in the nick of time in order to be able to play in the next season
  • How she learned German and is now trilingual (German, English + Spanish)
  • The importance of reading (she has read over 990 books on her Kindle alone!)
  • How she defines the magic of volleyball, and what about the game captured her love for the game
  • The importance of focusing on her teammates
  • Who and what inspires Christina
  • Who she turns to in hard times
  • What it’s like to see people paying for a poster of herself, and to see a photo of herself on the side of a bus
  • What’s next for Christina
  • Her definition of “Living Your Dance"