Live Your Dance Episode 2: How to follow your calling and build a legacy with Ian Forber-Pratt


I recently had the chance to Skype with Ian in India, and dive into his incredible story. Coming from a dark and dreary place while living in the states, Ian decided to follow his calling and return to his mother country, and serve the children there. Through his organization, he has already reached 200,000 people with his work.

In this episode, you'll learn the following: 

  • Ian was orphaned at birth, and is now helping displaced children in India connect with families
  • How Ian went from a very dark place emotionally— drinking and smoking— to creating one of India’s foremost foster care organizations
  • How to use Google to create a business
  • How to deal with what it’s like to be caught between two cultures
  • How to create a business that lasts not just for ten years, but for ten generations
  • How to deal with major upsets and set backs along the path
  • The balance of humility and confidence, and work/life balance when leading a new movement
  • How his life has changed as a result of creating into his foster care 
  • How to do a SWOT analysis on your life
  • How to connect with people “above your level”
  • Why it’s important to ask for support from other people
  • How it’s never too late to blossom
  • How a powerful vision delineates action and behavior
  • What it’s like to create and work on a big vision
  • How Ian got a law passed in India
  • How he’s creating an effective and sustainable non-profit


  • The amazing story of how he met and proposed to his beautiful and generous wife, who also has an organization that serves and educates children in India, and how their relationship supports both of their visions for children in India. 


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