Live Your Dance Episode 3: How to become a lifelong learner with Derek Loudermilk, Host of the Art of Adventure Podcast


Derek has made his way through various careers and has recently found himself location-independant (hence why he’s currently in Bali), running his own coaching practice and hosting his podcast, The Art of Adventure. He has an incredible story, and is driven by an insatiable thirst to learn—and would love nothing more than to help others cultivate their own eagerness to do the same. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How he’s able to live in Bali, travel the world, do what he loves, AND make a living
  • How he made the jump from being a cyclist, to a researcher (he discovered a new virus!), and is now an entrepreneur and podcast host
  • How drafting in cycling relates to business and “real life”
  • How he maintains freshness and excitement within his career and the day-to-day tasks
  • Tips for bringing projects to completion
  • How he maintains productivity without a “boss” to report to
  • The benefits to working on projects he truly cares about, and how it affects the rest of his life
  • The importance of reading for Derek, and his newest reading goal
  • What inspires him, and where Derek turns when he’s facing major challenges in life
  • How Derek had a “brush with death”, and how that inspires and affects his life today
  • How he’s monitizing his podcast
  • How he makes money while he travels
  • What kind of dance has gotten Derek to move and open up more than he has before 
  • Why his definition of “Live Your Dance” moved me to tears

References in the podcast: