Live Your Dance Episode 6: How exactly to quit your job and do what you love with Mary Warrington


How exactly to quit your job and do what you love with Mary Warrington

Mary Warrington has made the leap into a digital and mobile lifestyle, all thanks to her food blog, The Kitchen Paper. With stunning photos, and accessible recipes so that anyone can become a cook, Mary shows us all how doing what you love and being paid for it are NOT mutually exclusive. While Mary and I went to college together and played volleyball together, she’s since served as a great inspiration for me to also take my work online and be able to live and work wherever I am. So a big thanks to her, her work, and for sharing her stories and perspective with us on the Live Your Dance podcast this week! 

P.S. I apologize in advance that the audio on this episode is not the best. I’m actively working on improving the audio quality for future episodes. But there’s tons of great content in here, so thanks for hangin in there with us! 

In this Episode we get into…

  • Step by step actions Mary took to become a food blogger
  • What exactly pushed Mary into action to leave her job and blog full time
  • What are the keys to making a successful transition into doing what you love
  • The major shift in perspective that has allowed Mary to make more of an impact and more money
  • The importance of cooking our own food
  • What it is about food that Mary loves
  • How Mary gathered the necessary education to build a website, market online, and create a community online
  • How Mary has overcome challenges, including self-doubt and insecurities along the way
  • The questions Mary asks herself to take her business to a new level
  • How this episode created action for both Mary and myself in launching new online programs
  • The importance of celebration within the process
  • How Mary has improved her schedule and now manages her time as a solo-entrepreneur 
  • Where Mary goes for inspiration
  • How to turn around an environment of competition into a supportive atmosphere
  • How doing something she loves impacts the rest of her life
  • How Mary has cultivated a deeper sense of self-awareness through her work as well
  • The shift into owning and taking responsibility for your business and your brand
  • Mary’s deeper reason behind being a food blogger
  • How the lack of home cooking is the crux of many of our world’s issues
  • Cooking as a teacher
  • How Mary’s most challenging project earned her a publishing deal
  • How Mary’s book process inspired my book process
  • What exciting projects Mary is working on…


Referred to in the ‘cast: 

Where to find Mary:
Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Snapchat: @thekitchenpaper (Twitter is best to connect with Mary)
The Kitchen Paper Facebook Page