Lindsay Garrison: Behind the Scenes of a Professional Pianist



Behind the Scenes of a Professional Pianist with Lindsay Garritson

In this episode of Live Your Dance, Lindsay Garrison gives me a backstage pass into her life as a Professional Pianist (+ violinist + singer). Between all the traveling, performing, and competing that she does, she’s able to keep progressing as an artist, as well as stay sane with such a crazy schedule. We dive into what makes her tick, what she loves about music, and how it is that she got on this path in particular. Lindsay is incredibly down-to-earth as well as being extremely wise about the realities of what it takes to be at her level. She dishes on what it takes to be successful, and surprisingly—it’s not as complicated as one might think!

In this episode we get to dive into… 

  • Started playing at age 3, competing at age 7
  • Concerts, performing, traveling in a nutshell
  • How she views such extensive travel for her profession
  • How she maintains a social life with such a mobile lifestyle 
  • The point when Lindsay really chose music for herself (9:10)
  • What it is exactly that keeps Lindsay loving her music, even after studying it for over 25 years
  • What does someone who “can play just about anything” find a sense of challenge or continued depth in her music and performances
  • How Lindsay handles doubts, insecurities and disappointments along the road
  • How performing keeps Lindsay on her mental game, and what about performing keeps her coming back for more (18:00)
  • How Lindsay gets her mental game ready before big performances
  • The struggle between getting “self” out of the way, and believing in ourselves, and what Lindsay has to say on the subject
  • What Lindsay says when I ask her if she’s ever played a perfect performance
  • How Lindsay handles life on the road (24:45)
  • How music has positively affected Lindsay’s personal life
  • Lindsay reveals one of her biggest social struggles with being shy, and how she’s dealt with it in such an extroverted profession
  • Lindsay’s advice to any young or early artists at the beginning of their journey, and her 2 secrets for success (31:10)
  • Lindsay’s top priorities for a professional in any industry
  • The story of how Lindsay handled a somewhat unethical situation and what she learned from it
  • We dive into where Lindsay’s values were shaped and how that’s had an enormous impact on her life (and professional life) path
  • The importance of community support
  • Where Lindsay goes for inspiration when she needs a little extra something in the day
  • Who inspires Lindsay the most

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