Katie Walter: “Our Work is Our Gift to the World”

“Our Work is Our Gift to the World” with Katie Walter

Between our many tangents, the diving in deep and solving all the world’s problems, and a cameo from Indonesian Katie—this is one power-packed episode! The first half was recorded back in October 2015, and we have a bonus check in with Katie in January 2016, where we get to hear all about how drastically her life has changed. But one thing has not changed, and that is that she is consistently living her dance in all that she does. Tune in for a very special episode with my good friend (and model, actress, coach and humanitarian), Katie Walter. 

In this episode we get to dive into… 
    •  Katie’s new perspective after doing international humanitarian work
    •  What it’s like to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and how Katie balances it all
    •  How Katie chose to transition away from her acting career (11:30)
    •  What “Leaving no stones left unturned” means for Katie in her life
    •  The power of believing that “Life is happening for us, not to us” (15:00)
    •  The power of our physical reflection on our identities, and what it was like to let that go, even for a week (20:00)
    •  Katie’s “not-proud-of-myself-moment” (21:30)
    •  Molly’s “sad-aha-moment” (25:00)
    •  Imagine the work we could be doing if we thought about ourselves less
    •  The power of seeing community as “common unity” (27:00)
    •  The incredible value of traveling to third world countries and learning from other cultures
    •  How much of our lives and our identities have become all about “stuff” and extrinsic value, rather than defining it from within
    •  Katie’s philosophy on work, and how it boils down to our attitude rather than the paycheck
    •  What we focus on is what we feel, and thus becomes our experience
    •  The power of Gratitude (38:45)
    •   The affect of our “emotional home” on our experience
    •  What is our “work,” really? (42:10) 
    •  When in doubt, focus out…whatever you want to receive, give it away
    •  The importance of maintaining our childlikeness (not to be confused with childishness) (49:00)
    •  One Risk overview (50:00)
    •  How to practice perceived risk, in order to break through any challenge in our lives
    •  Part 2 - Recorded with Katie in Indonesia!! How Katie has been living her dance since we first recorded this, and is now exploring SE Asia


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