Pinna Gallant: How to Transform Your Biggest Upset into Your Greatest Blessing



Episode 13: How to Transform our Biggest Upset into our Greatest Blessing with Pinna Gallant

Pinna Gallant has traveled from software development to yoga studio owner in the last few years. She brings her insight, wisdom, and humility to the Live Your Dance podcast today as we dive into her story of how she turned her biggest upset into her greatest blessing, and has built a new business from scratch in the process. 

In this episode we get to dive into… 

  • How Pinna transitioned from a 20-year career in software development into owning a yoga studio in the Colorado mountains 
  • What captured Pinna’s interest with yoga
  • How yoga has transformed Pinna’s view of self and body image
  • Her down-to-earth approach to yoga and what it can do for each of us
  • How a broken leg helped Pinna find her path
  • The realities of what life is like after being in corporate America
  • What metric is most helpful in measuring our lives
  • How our jobs are like relationships, and how to have healthy relations
  • The importance of support, and the role it can play along our path
  • The importance of being in service and how we show up differently when we’re in service to others
  • The benefits of being in the corporate side of life vs. being a small business owner
  • The biggest challenge of jumping into a new chapter and how Pinna got through it
  • Pinna’s mantra when she doesn’t have the right answer (32:19)
  • How to make collaboration less threatening to our egos (33:11)
  • The difference when we commit more to our vision than to our egos
  • How to beat our own Ego
  • How to use yoga to practice getting used to the “uncomfortable”
  • How to transform nervousness into “feeling alive”
  • The importance of opening ourselves up to possibility (40:00)
  • Pinna’s simple philosophy on “work” (41:25)
  • How “being present” has completely changed how Pinna works more but feel less burdened
  • How to tell if your work fuels you or drains you
  • Game-changing sales tactics for any business
  • The most important key for any business 
  • How to create an empowering atmosphere for your employees


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Pinna’s studio is at in Summit County in Colorado