Your Host, Molly King: The Common Denominator of Success + Goal Setting


The Common Denominator of Success
+ Goal Setting with Molly King

Guess what! I was so excited about trying out my new audio recording equipment this week, that it blossomed into a solo episode! And I could hardly wait till today to share it with you. :) First we’ll go a little old school (aka 1940s vintage) and dive into Albert Gray’s classic article, entitled “The Common Denominator of Success.” And then I take some time to coach you through goal setting, and how to create goals that have staying power through any resistance you may encounter. 

I’m seriously so amped to get this out to you, since Albert Gray lays down some timeless wisdom on us all. And then I expound on how to integrate his ideas into our lives today. It’s a two-punch, power packed episode that I think you’ll really enjoy.

In this solo episode, I dive into…

  • Albert Gray’s article, entitled “The Common Denominator of Success”
  • How to create (or recreate) effective habits for success
  • What simple thing truly creates change and success
  • How to set goals effectively
  • How I was able to get in shape to be a body builder, but why exactly I lost my momentum immediately afterwards
  • Not just living your dance, but living your WHOLE dance
  • How integrity is a muscle we can develop, and how it affects our relationship with ourself
  • How we erode our character, and why it’s so important to invest in ourselves, rather than wasting our “money”
  • Step by step instructions to take stock of where you are, and what questions to ask to move you out of a slump (34:30)
  • The exercise I put myself through which helped me find the ONE TINY thing I could change, which would greatly affect my entire day (positively or negatively) 35:14
  • Why achieving goals isn’t the main point, but who we’re becoming in the process it where it gets exciting



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