Alexis Carra: How to Find Yourself in Order to Find What You Love


Episode 011: How to Find Yourself in Order to Find What You Love with Alexis Carra

Alexis and I met last year in a Leadership group that we both were in for several months. And from day one, she was a standout. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know her through the program and afterwards. And I was so grateful when she seriously supported me last year when I was having some pretty major nerves before performing at the US Open Swing Dancing Championships. Lex is an amazing coach, a perceptive listener, a transparent and authentic leader, a work horse, and an extremely talented woman in many ways. I can’t wait for you to meet her if you haven’t already. 

In this episode, we dive into all the factors that have contributed to her being able to live her dance all her life, and what she does to continue living it today. She’s been on Broadway, performing in Wicked and Fosse, and most recently on ABC in the series Mixology, and she’s soon to appear on ABC’s Recovery Road. 

What’s I love about this episode is that we get a sneak peek at what life is like as a working (and sometimes not working) actor, how Lex prepares for a role, how she finds herself in the craft, the reality behind the camera, and how she maintains her emotional sanity through it all. And I have a feeling this is only the beginning for her… :) 

[Audio Note: Because of several technical difficulties, we ended up recording this via phone. So I apologize for any lack of clarity or any overlaps in the audio. I am actively working to improve my recording studio for future episodes.]  


But! never fear! Lex brings her A game, so even as I was editing it, I found I forgot about any audio faux pas. So without further delay, let’s go ahead and dive in to her story…   

In this episode, we get into…

  • Originally a dancer, started at age 2 
  • Yale Grad, thought she wanted to be a neurosurgeon
  • While at Yale, she was selected to be a “Swing” on the first national tour of “Fosse” with Ann Reinking (6:34)
  • Practical and emotional tips to cope with the lulls in work as an actress (9:22)
  • Lex tells about life ‘behind the scenes,’ when things aren’t so perfect, and how she works through moments like that (15:35)
  • The question she asks to get herself back on track (16:23)
  • Alexis’ big reveal… (17:51)
  • How to cultivate the practice of being vulnerable, and the practice of “emotional housecleaning” (18:00)
  • Acting breakdown 202 by Alexis (21:12)
  • Lex gives us a peak into her upcoming role in ABC’s Recovery Road and how she studied up for her character (23:45)
  • Her advice for auditioning actors (28:10)
  • Lex’s fun exercise(s) to create more self-awareness (30:12)
  • My secret confession (oooh!) and the importance of having solo time (32:55)
  • Alexis’ questions to ask in order to figure out what it is that you love to do, and what action steps to then take (37:18)
  • Why it’s important to bring more “soul cultivators” in your own life (44:15)
  • Lex’s Yoga practice and why it’s an essential aspect of her routine
  • How to counteract the idea that “there’s not enough time!” (45:16)
  • An incredible story that Lex discovered just by listening (47:21)
  • Lex’s unexpected source of inspiration (49:49)
  • Lex’s explosion of gratitude :) (51:35)
  • Lex’s beautiful definition of “living your dance” (53:06)


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