Live Your Dance Episode 10: How to Make the Leap with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Lewis Howes


Live Your Dance Episode 010: How to Make the Leap
with Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Lewis Howes

Seeing as this is the 10th(!) Live Your Dance episode, I thought I’d so something special. I’ve dug out of my archives my very first episode* of the podcast that I recorded back in 2013—back when this podcast was more of a dream than a reality. Lewis and I went to the same high school, and he was a surrogate big brother of sorts—since he was a senior when I was a freshman. So it was such a blast to reconnect with him and pick his brain!

*hence why I may sound like a bit of a noob ;)

Lewis brought his A-game and got right into sharing some great coaching for anyone who is on the cusp of going after their dream—whether it’s starting your own business, going after a goal, or taking the next big step towards creating the life that you really want to live. 

Since the recording (in early 2013), Lewis has made major strides in his own business and life, and was most recently mentioned in Forbes as a Million-Dollar One-Person business for his success. He’s also the founder of The School of Greatness Podcast and The School of Greatness Academy and many online tools to take your business to the next level. Pretty solid stuff right there. 

In this episode, we dive into…

  • Lewis’ story of how his collegiate and semi-pro sports supported his business mindset
  • Lewis’ response to people who don’t think they have enough money to go after what they love (5:37)
  • The first question anyone should ask before they set out to achieve a goal
  • “Can you let go of your comfort zone to get what you want?”
  • Nuggets of wisdom from my (Molly’s) 95-year-old grandma to go after the life you want
  • The process Lewis went through to take stock of his strengths and pursue those
  • The value of the “soft skills” and how, many times, they can be more valuable than the “hard skill” set (12:25)
  • The vast difference between the “self” that shows up when we work a mediocre job, vs. the “best self” that can show up in the right arena (15:00)
  • The top 4 warning signs that you’re in the wrong job (16:15)
  • How to get through the “transition period” (17:00)
  • How frustration breeds drive and breakthrough 
  • Lessons in Salsa translated into life lessons in business
  • The big difference between work that pulls you rather than pushes you (23:43)
  • A bad job is like a bad relationship—when you know you should go, but you haven’t yet… (25:04) Ha! #sotrue
  • The ONE question you need to ask yourself before you quit your day job (28:00)
  • Lewis’ one piece of advice for anyone starting on the path towards their passion (29:07) [for more info on finding a mentor, listen to my episode with Geoff Woods]

Referred to in the ‘cast: 

Where to find Lewis on the line…
The School of Greatness Podcast
The School of Greatness Academy